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LATEST BOOK: Painted Rooms of Rhode Island, Colonial and Federal, A fascinating study of interior painted decoration during Americas first two centuries, as seen through the microcosm of Rhode Island painted rooms. Examined are the locations of painted houses; early settlers who built houses and commissioned the decoration; the artists, many itinerant, who painted the room interiors, and of course the numerous and amazing techniques used by them, such as tromp l'oeil fine wood and stone finishes, gold leaf highlighted finely carved woodwork, and an imitation oriental lacquer finish known as "architectural Japanning" to name just a few, written by author with hands on experience as a practitioner and instructor of 18th and 19th century painting techniques. Book is a must for decorative arts historians, early American paint devotees, restoration/preservation professionals, antique house owners, and Rhode Island history buffs, alike. With insightful foreword by C. Morgan Grefe, PhD, executive director of the RI Historical Society.

Published by Spring Green Books in cooperation with The Connecticut Press, 2012, 200 pages with 250 mostly color images, 8-1/2 x 11 cloth library binding, $50.
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American Painted Floors before 1840, Sandra Cohen, past president of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration says: Brown "examines and celebrates painted interiors. The anecdotal accounts of these building and their inhabitants are a part of American's story. She carefully selected these homes, probed into their backgrounds and then photographed their original floor designs, defining and exhibiting them handsomely in one publication." —All the details surrounding early painted floor décor before 1840 are rich and fascinating!"

Published by Spring Green Books, 2008, over 150 pages, 160 mostly color images, 8½ X 11, sewn soft binding, $30.
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American Wall Stenciling 1790-1840, Mimi Handler, past editor of Early American Life Magazine says; Brown's "extensive research has unearthed stencils not just in New England's more characteristic homes, taverns, and inns, but also in the south and Midwest. The over 250 illustrations complement Brown's text as she makes fresh stylistic connections among designs, artists, regions and houses over two centuries" resulting in a book "that fairly hums with life and purpose."

Published by University Press of New England, 2003, over 280 pages, 250 images (180 in color), 8½ X 11, cloth, $40.


Ann Eckert Brown has been researching, executing, and teaching 18th and 19th century decorative painting techniques since the 1960s. Included in her restoration commissions is the painted interior of a Gothic Revival chapel in Newport, Rhode Island. Her ornamented furnishings have been widely exhibited, including two solo exhibitions in the 1990s. Her work has appeared in Yankee and Early American Life, which named her a craftsman of the year in 1993. She has presented numerous programs on American wall stenciling, including those at Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts and the The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, New York.


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